We add value to the business of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) through facilitation in:

  • Resolving legal problems through service providers.
  • Creating awareness of legal rights & responsibilities by disseminating information on existing regulatory/contractual requirements through sample contract templates, business guides and seminars.
  • Enhancing capacities for improved compliance of laws, rules and regulations through training programs.
  • Legal opinions to your business queries, and
  • Interaction with regulatory authorities and service providers for removing legal impediments.

Capacity Development

With the objective to increase the capacities of businesses for improved compliance of different laws and regulations, we hold training courses and seminars on a need basis. If your industry, association or chamber of commerce desires a training course on any legal or regulatory matter you may contact us for the holding of the training course. Training Services are also held regularly at different locations to enhance the understanding of SME’s over a wide range of entrepreneurial subjects.

Legal Advisory

You can also contact us for seeking our opinion on a legal problem being faced by you and the proposed course of action to be adopted for the solution of that problem. You can get the desired legal opinion either by writing to us through courier, by fax, phone, by visiting us personally at our contact points.

Regulatory Reviews and Policy Inputs

We believe that a conducive business environment is of much importance for the growth of SMEs. To ensure a conducive legal and regulatory environment for the SMEs, we keep on reviewing Existing Legislation and legislative measures pertaining to SMEs. This is done on self identification of impediments in the legislation or on the identification of any such impediment by the stakeholders i.e. trade organizations/chambers of associations etc.